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Hypnosis is Not an It

Hypnosis is Not an It

I know for some today’s topic may seem a little odd, but I do not know if you have noticed that hypnosis is often referred to as an it. What I mean is people will say “it (meaning the therapy) worked” or “it didn’t”. This goes along a line which I have been on about for a considerable amount of time. Hypnosis in and of itself is not a therapy it is a process. What makes things effective in therapy is the relationship rather than the hypnosis.

Look, I am not denying that there are talented hypnosis practitioners out there. Indeed, I would count myself among them. However, if all I had was hypnosis, I would not be an effective therapist. There has been research conducted which shows that the modality of therapy a person employs is not nearly as important as the therapeutic relationship. Sadly, for many hypnotherapists and hypnotherapy trainings, the importance or even existence of the therapeutic relationship is not looked at. Some will even say that it is not needed, because hypnotherapy is so powerful that the relationship is irrelevant.

I cannot emphasise enough that it is not good enough to be a good hypnotist, if you want to be a good therapist, you must understand what makes therapy therapy and not just look at techniques.

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