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Hypnosis in the media

Hypnosis in the media

Whether we like it or not, the media has an influence on how people think and react. The main function of the media is to provide information, educate the general public and offer entertainment.The media influences the opinion of people a number of way and below we have outlined two of the more commonPsycho-sell is when advertising agencies use radio and television to lure people into buying a product, whether they need it or not. There are very few individuals have not falling victim to psycho selling at one time or another.Then there are cultural icons who are usually famous individuals that we have come to admire and they have a huge following.

Simply by their popularity, they have the €œpower€ to lead crowds of people just offering their opinion or making a public suggestion.According to Consumer Reports, hypnosis is safe and an effective tool to reduce pain. Newsweek stated that hypnosis is effective in treating a variety of issues, including chronic pain and anxiety related problems. Oprahs€™ magazine said that hypnosis can help you reach your weight loss goals.Doctor David Spiegel, from the Sanford School of Medicine said on the Jane Pauley Show that hypnosis is not mind control, but a natural state of deep concentration that will enhance your own ability to control your body and mind.The Mayo Clinic mirrored Dr. Spiegel’s€™ thoughts and said that hypnosis is a tool that will help individuals understand their behaviours and gain control over how they reaction in a certain situation.

Martin Orne, a psychiatry professor at the University of Pennsylvania told Newsweek that hypnosis is an accepted form of therapy by the AMA (American Medical Association), the American Psychological Association as well as the American Psychiatric Association.Matt Damon shared his experience with hypnosis on the Jay Leno show (The Tonight Show) and said that he no longer smokes thanks to hypnosis and that he should have done it sooner.

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