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Hypnosis and the Menopause

Hypnosis and the Menopause

For many women, “the change” is something that is looked at with both excitement and a little dread. The excitement comes from the idea that a new chapter of their lives is to begin with all the associated opportunities and challenges. The dread comes from the fact that childbearing is no longer an option and that this part of their lives is now a closed chapter. Now, menopause is not as simple as switching off a light switch. There is often months of physiological, hormonal, emotional and psychological hurdles to overcome before it reaches its end.

One of the common physical/psychological symptoms associated with menopause are hot flashes. For those who do not know these are sudden feelings of warmth, which are usually most intense over the face, neck and chest. Part of their difficulty is that they are noticeable by others which causes the sufferer a degree of embarrassment and self consciousness. It may sound surprising , but hypnosis is a good way to work with the symptoms of hot flashes.

Randomised controlled blind trials have shown that hypnosis is significantly superior to a structured attention approach to these symptoms. Indeed, it has also been shown that hypnosis is significantly better than no treatment at all in these cases. So, if you are struggling with hot flashes and you want to try an evidenced based approach to working with it, why not try hypnotherapy?

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