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Hypnosis and Online Therapy

Hypnosis and Online Therapy

There is a growing body of people who are deciding that they would rather do therapy online via SKYPE, VSEE and/or FaceTime rather than attending sessions at a therapist’s office. Indeed, the current body of research is showing that online therapy can be as effective as attending face to face sessions live with a therapist. Saying that, what about using hypnosis via an online platform. The short answer is yes, hypnosis and hypnotherapy can be used via an online platform. However there are considerations which are different to other forms of therapy.

The obvious consideration is that if the connection should be lost in the delivery of hypnosis. There are ways to ensure that a client is safe if this should happen. Additionally, the possibility of abreaction must also be considered when working with hypnosis in general, but especially when working remotely. These two key issues can be dealt with if one works with a skilled and ethical hypnotherapist.

Saying all of this, it is still my experience that there is really no substitute for being face to face in person with a client. I believe that this is still the best way to ensure that the therapeutic relationship is used to the best advantage of the client. However, online therapy does give a greater access to good therapy to those who may not otherwise be able to access it.

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