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Hypnosis and Memory Enhancement

Hypnosis and Memory Enhancement

Most of us are not thrilled with our memory. We tend to forget things, often little things, but none the less things slip our memory. Memory is essential for us to function and like anything else there is a skill that can be improved. There is a principle known as the seven plus or minus two principle. This states the we can keep seven plus or minus two bits of information in our mind consciously at any one time. Agitation, stress, and anxiety cam decrease the bits we can retain.

This is where hypnosis comes in. With hypnosis we can alleviate and control the various stress, agitation and anxiety that we experience. But more than that, hypnosis can be used to help train the way you take in and codify information, By doing this the client can enhance and improve their memory. This is much the same as how we use hypnosis to enhance things like sports and exam performance.

The above is of course predicated that there is no organic damage which could impact the memory. These would be things like damage caused by excessive drug and alcohol use or early stage dementia. If these things are not a factor then hypnosis can be used for memory enhancement.

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