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Hypnosis and Infertility

Hypnosis and Infertility

These are two phrases that are not often thought of together, but there is a growing body of evidence that shows that hypnotherapy can be a powerful aid in psychological infertility in women. It has been shown that stress and anxiety can have a detrimental impact on the ability to conceive. Hypnotherapy, by its very nature has an impact on both of these things, so without even attempting the complexities of infertility, hypnotherapy should prove to be an effective aid in conception. 

There was a recent article in Psychology Today which espoused the virtues of using hypnotherapy in the treatment of psychological infertility. Like many other aspects of clinical practice, there is a specific skill set in working with psychological infertility. What I mean is that this sort of thing is not covered in a practitioner’s basic training and it requires additional training to really be able to ethically put out this service to the public.

My friend and colleague Sharron Mustard runs a programme called Easibirthing® which runs a suite of courses from using hypnosis with birthing, infertility and as a treatment for post natal mental health issues. I would strongly recommend that if you are seeking out this service it would be best to see a practitioner trained by her. You can find details of this service and qualified practitioners at 

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