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Hypnosis and Driving Anxiety A Way Forward

Hypnosis and Driving Anxiety A Way Forward

One of the most common anxieties that comes through my door is an anxiety relating to driving an automobile. This can be causing a person not to pass their driving test or alternatively not taking c certain roads which they deem to go too quickly or simply not wanting to be in a position where they cannot escape. This fear not only effects the person suffering with it, but it can also be a danger to people around them. These would be fellow road sharers or indeed passengers in the car of the person suffering the anxiety.

Hypnosis is a possible way forward in that one of the by products of hypnosis is that is it a deeply relaxed state. This relaxation holds many benefits including being able to assist when a person is feeling distressed and anxious. Of course hypnosis can be used in conjunction with psychotherapy to find the reason for the fear if that is appropriate. Alternatively it can be used to help the person put aside the fear as it does not serve the individual. There are many possible ways that hypnosis when paired with effective psychotherapy can be a great relief to those suffering this common, but all to unnecessary fear of driving.

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