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Hypnosis and Conservative Christianity

Hypnosis and Conservative Christianity

I thought long and hard about writing this piece, as I for one do not want to hamper anyone’s right to religious freedom and to believe what they choose. However, in the wake of the Kavanaugh hearings I am seeing more and more conservative Christians writing on hypnosis and it’s alleged part in the testimony of his central accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford.

Now, I am not going to go into the why’s and wherefores of research as this is, in my opinion, irrelevant to the discussion. A person can research things without it impacting the truth. What I will say is that I am disturbed by certain Christian writers, particularly Pastors and Preachers using her testimony and research to vent their ill informed views of what hypnosis is and isn’t.

Indeed in one article, I have seen it claimed that hypnosis can “open hidden spiritual doors” and quoting an ex-hypnotist claiming that there are “dangerous spiritual elements of hypnosis”. These views are not only ill-informed, but unscientific.

It is my view that religion and science need to both exist for there to be balance sociologically. However, these two things do not mix. Imagine the outrage in conservative Christian circles if psychologists were to criticise Christian practices. I suggest that these pastors and writers stick to matters of spiritual wellbeing and faith and leave psychological practice to the professionals who work in this area every day.

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