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Hypnosis and Columbo

Hypnosis and Columbo

I found myself enjoying a guilty pleasure of mine yesterday. I enjoy 1970’s cop programmes, Kojak, Ironside, and of course Columbo. It was Columbo that I was watching yesterday. Yesterday’s episode starred George Hamilton as an evil psychiatrist who uses hypnosis to commit murder. Whilst an entertaining premise, it got me thinking.

It is one of the most obvious positive changes in hypnosis is how it’s portrayal in film and television has changed over the decades. In the 1950’s-1970’s hypnosis was portrayed as an instrument of magic and usually used for evil and nefarious purposes. Lately, however, hypnosis is shown in a much more favourable and accurate light. Television programmes which feature hypnosis show it as a tool for helping people overcome difficulties.

I realise, of course, that for may people of a certain age, still see hypnosis as a magical and frightening thing which should be viewed with suspicion. However, people in their 30’s and younger seem to have a much more realistic view of what hypnosis can and cannot do.

Hypnosis is an excellent adjunct to psychotherapeutic treatment, which has yet to reach it’s full potential. I am delighted that I have the good fortune to be involved in this field as it reaches this point.

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