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Is Hypno-Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy

Is Hypno-Psychotherapy Hypnotherapy

This is a question I got yesterday from a potential client, so I thought I would write about it today. My practice is called Brookhouse Hypnotherapy, yet the title I tend to use is Hypno-Psychotherapist, so what is the difference. Well the difference is simply put, that Hypno-Psychotherapists do not need to use hypnosis as part of their intervention if it is not deemed appropriate.

Legitimate Hypno-Psychotherapists undertake a minimum four year training with a school accredited by the UK Council for Psychotherapy. This training is 1800 hours in duration at Masters Degree level. In addition to the use of clinical hypnosis, they are also trained in various modalities of psychotherapy, with additional training in human development and sexuality, psychopathology, research in the social sciences, and diversities and equalities. Additionally, before they qualify, they will have undertaken personal therapy and had conducted 450 supervised therapy hours with clients.

Whilst of course the majority of Hypno-Psychotherapists use hypnosis as their primary vehicle for therapy, they can use other forms of psychotherapy where indicated to assist their clients. Ethical hypnotherapists, will tend to have undertaken a training of 450 hours, of which 120 are live face to face classroom training hours. Simply put, the training standards are quite different between the hypnotherapist and hypno-psychotherapist. This difference can mean that there are times a hypnotherapist will be the right practitioner for you and other times a hypno-psychotherapist will be.

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