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Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia Fear of responsibility

Hypengyophobia or Hypegiaphobia€“ Fear of responsibility

For many of us when we were children, we railed against our parents in an every increasing attempt to get more privileges and to be treated like “grown-ups”. Most of us learned at that stage of life with privileges come responsibilities. We learn to take on more and more responsibilities as we get older and grow into adulthood. There are people who have a complete, overwhelming and irrational fear of responsibility of any kind. These people are said to be suffering from Hypengyophobia. These people can be seen to be self-indulgent, selfish and even childish, ignoring all their responsibilities and be damned to consequences. These people are also more inclined to blame others for their actions and will not take responsibility for their part in any mistakes made.

This phobia can trace it’s roots back to early development. An example might be a parent who “over parents” not allowing their child to take on responsibilities around the house and tend to do things for them to excess. It can also be caused by a past incident when they took responsibility and suffered some unpleasant consequence from doing so, which make the individual adverse to taking on responsibility again.

Regressive hypno-psychotherapy can often be useful in determining the cause of this issue and knowing that the client can be educated in being able to take on more responsibility in the here and now.

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