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Hominophobia Fear of men

Hominophobia Fear of men

In a previous post I discussed a fear of women, so it seems only right to now look at the phenomena of the fear of men. Hominophobia is a worry and fear of men in general. This fear is more common in women, but this can also be associated with boys who fear becoming men as they may have a fear of the perceived responsibilities which come from manhood.

As with the fear of women, Hominophobia can often be traced back to some form of traumatic memory in which a generalisation occurs in that a sufferer generalises the experience with the man in question to being that all men have the traits of that person and therefore they are all to be feared and avoided. There are some who see this fear as being on the social phobia spectrum in that the inability to interact with a person because of gender would mean that they are experiencing some fear which could be construed as social. However, this is not agreed by all.

As with fear of women, exposure will prove to be a very good way to overcome this issue. A client can be taken through a variety of social scenarios under hypnosis in order to “practice” being with men until they are able to accomplish this in the “real world”.

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