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Holiday Pressure and Mental Health

Holiday Pressure and Mental Health

This time of year is meant to be for celebrations and being with the people you love. However, this also seems to be the season to overspend. There is a pressure that is implied as well as overt as to spending money on gifts and food that is often a bit more expensive than a person would like to spend. This leads to people making decisions which are not necessarily in their best interest, in order to feel as though they are doing their bit for the holidays.

It is important to remember money issues are a major contributing factor to poor mental health. The need to keep up with the Joneses puts people under strain which they often will not share with others. Pride gets in the way and the need to be seen to be generous overrides their usual sensibilities.

The true spirit of the season is about being with those you love, this does not have to come with a price tag. Perhaps we should give some serious thought as to the onslaught of commercials showing us what people want to acquire in order to make them happy. The punch line is, after the gift is open and used for a while, these things tend to not add any real happiness to anyone. Consider downsizing the holidays for the sake of your mental health

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