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Hippophobia an exaggerated or irrational worry of horses

Hippophobia an exaggerated or irrational worry of horses

Some animals and humans have for all of time had a symbiotic relationship with one another. Humans have had pets which become domesticated and even considered part of their respective family. Still there are other animals that are used for food, this is far less symbiotic for the animal however. Of course, there are also animals which work with humans in order to do tasks that people are too weak to do on their own. Horses, have been used as a means of transport and beasts of burden since time began. These animals are generally seen as majestic and beautiful. There are people who, for a variety of reasons, have an intense and pathological fear of horses. These people are said to be suffering from Hippophobia.

The name is slightly misleading as this fear has nothing whatever to do with a fear of hippopotamuses. This fear can have several causes, perhaps a person may have had a traumatic experience with a horse in childhood, ie falling off a horse and/or being trampled by one. Or this fear can be passed down by the parent to the child, ie a mother responding fearfully to a horse and the child learns that this is the appropriate response without conscious thought.

This fear is not dependent upon being in direct contact with a horse, even seeing one on film or television can cause an intense anxiety response.

As with previous phobia, hypnosis integrated with psychotherapy can be very helpful in exposing these clients safely to their fear in order to overcome it.

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