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Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again

For many people there are certain dates and times which are inviolate in their diaries. Be they birthdays, Christmas, or other events of significance. Today is the start of such a time for me. As I have done 20 other times in the past it is conference weekend. I have had th privilege or co-organising these with my best friend and professional colleague Fiona Biddle.

Today, is the master class which is being taught by Dr Geoff Ibbotson. As people began to arrive, it occurred to me that this event is not something simply inviolate in my diary, but for scores of colleagues and friends as well. Ours can be a lonely profession, and conferences are a great opportunity to reconnect with friends both new and old. It is an opportunity to learn and share, but also to feel part of a community.

To some extent we all need to feel as though we are part of something larger than ourselves and for me conferences are the ideal opportunity to feel this. I am part of a greater community of practitioners who are trying to change the world by changing people’s lives and minds one at a time. I for one am proud to be part of that.

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