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Hello Stranger Just When You Thought Dating Shows Hit Rock Bottom

Hello Stranger Just When You Thought Dating Shows Hit Rock Bottom

I admit to being one of those people who literally hate the dating shows which are a staple of television these days. Forgive me, but I think that they exploit those who are lonely and make a mockery of their situation. However, this recent abomination has gone beyond the pale.

The “hook” for this programme is that a hypnotist hypnotises a couple to make them forget each other and see if they will get back together with their minds erased. I cannot believe this complete and utter nonsense. This is simply not possible to do, end of nothing else to say. If it were possible hypnotherapists would be inundated with people wanting to obliterate their sad memories. There is no paper, no evidence, nothing no leading practitioner of hypnosis who would even suggest that this was possible. The really galling part is that the hypnotist, according to his bio “having originally trained in medicine at The University of Nottingham, Mancunian Aaron Calvert soon traded his white coat, for a sharp suit and took to the stage”.

A physician? Really? For SHAME, as a medical professional surely he knows that what he is peddling is a load of unsubstantiated nonsense. What about the people looking for hypnosis treatment who will be put off by this nonsense because they are afraid that their memories will be wiped out. Chanel 4 your executives and programmers should be ashamed for this utter clap trap!

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