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Hate Hate and More Hate

Hate Hate and More Hate

I know I have written about the levels of discord over the past years. This discord has an undeniable effect on our mental health. I had thought though that if you chose not to see it or engage with it one could avoid it. Well, not so.

Over the past month I have been looking at my Pinterest feed. It’s not something that is particularly important but it has nice pictures of the things I am interested in. However, of late there has been an overwhelming amount of hateful pictures and memes which frankly take free speech into a very dark domain.

When I first noticed this, I was not all that concerned after all it might have just been a glitch in the filtering. However, it didn’t stop nor did it get better indeed it got more vile (if that were possible). The psychotherapist in me noticed my mood being altered by this unpleasantness and actually started to feel low and agitated.

All this simply by seeing memes which are hateful and mainly untrue. I have decided to give Pinterest a rest for a while which is a shame as it was such a nice place to look at pictures which interested me. My mental health and mood is far more important.

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