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Happy World Hypnotism Day

Happy World Hypnotism Day

Well it’s that time of year to don our celebration clothing and go out and ring in another World Hypnotism Day. Actually, I was only kidding about the clothing. Today, is World Hypnotism Day which was established by my friend and colleague Tom Nicoli in 2005.

World Hypnotism Day or WHD was created in order to help educate the public about the real benefits and therapeutic usefulness of hypnosis. Hypnosis in popular culture has often misrepresented and distorted the public view of hypnosis as being something akin to the supernatural or occult. World Hypnotism Day was established in order for more people to understand what hypnosis actually is and how it can be used as a therapeutic adjunct in order to assist people reach their therapeutic goals.

Since the very first WHD in 2005, hypnotic professionals in 22 countries have engaged in activities in order to support World Hypnotism Day. WHD participating hypnotists have used the 4th of January to share their thoughts and experiences of hypnosis in interviews and workshops in order to showcase the effective use of hypnosis and to debunk some of the more common misconceptions of what hypnosis is or isn’t. As with all such events, there will be people who use it for self promotion and even ridiculous world record attempts, but for those of you who are interested in learning more about hypnosis and what it is capable of, why not take a few minutes to contact an ethical hypnotherapist in your area and ask whatever questions you might have. You do not have to book a session, but today is a great opportunity to ask those questions about hypnosis that you always wanted to.

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