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Happy Time to Talk Day

Happy Time to Talk Day

The 2nd of February has been designated Time to Talk Day, but the Time to Change group which is led by Mind and ReThink Mental Illness. The day is about having a discussion about mental illness, which blights the lives of many more people than the average person realises. By talking about mental health in an honest, open and non judgemental way, it is hoped that the stigma attached to mental illness can begin to be lifted. After all, people generally do not feel ashamed to talk about physical health with people. Indeed for many in the media as well as ordinary people, talking about physical health is a popular thing to do. The same should and must be true for mental health.

This is not about therapeutic interventions, this is about people talking and being honestly listened too. Whilst listening alone does not resolve mental illness for people, it is a valuable component in helping people get through their issues in a healthy way. In the end, when people suffer with anything, they really simply want to be heard. Why not make some effort today to put yourself out there and listen to your friends and family who may be suffering with mental health issues. It may not be easy to hear some of what is said, but is it much harder to live through the stories that many people have. You can find out more about how you can help at

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