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Happy Monday

Happy Monday

Well another week begins and millions of people are off to work and going about their business quite happily. Or are they? One of the more common issues that people present to me in my practice is a general unhappiness often this is linked to the life they are living or the work they are doing. Monday, should be a day of promise for a new week ahead, but for many Monday is a reminder of the difficulties that they face and the choices they have made.

One thing I tell my clients is that therapists are agents not only for change, but also for responsibility. For so many who are unhappy, part, if not all, the reason for this is that they made choices which seemed reasonable at the time, but the times change and they did not change with it.

In “The Phantom Menace” or Star Wars 1, one of the main characters says “your focus determines your reality”. This is something that I talk to clients quite a bit about. If you are focusing on things that bring you down or make you unhappy, guess what? You will be unhappy. If, however, you focus on the positive or empowering aspects of your life, then guess what? Yep, you will be positive and empowered. On that note, have a positive and empowered Monday.

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