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Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Today’s post is a very simple one, no great thoughts or points to be made. I want to wish a Happy Christmas to my clients, past and present, my students and supervisees, and finally to you dear reader, whether I have met or worked with you or not.

This is a special time of year for many people, it is also a challenge for some. In your thoughts at this time of year, please spare one for those who are suffering with mental health issues. These can be, of course, debilitating at the best of times. However, at the festive period those who suffer with these issues often find the challenges even more difficult.

Loneliness, desperation and a belief that no one truly understands or cares about them can push many mental health sufferers beyond what they can endure. Whilst not everyone has the training to intervene professionally, we can all do our best to intervene in a humane and caring way.

Make a call or visit someone who you personally know who may be suffering at this time of year, it will be a far greater gift than any new piece of technology or anything that can be purchased in the shops.

Happy Christmas, חנוכה שמח, furaha Kwanzaa, and if none of these fit, enjoy the festive season whatever you believe.

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