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Happy 2019 From Brookhouse Hypnotherapy

Happy 2019 From Brookhouse Hypnotherapy

Well 2019 is here, and I would very much like to wish a Happy New Year to my clients, students, and supervises past and present. I would also like to thank you all for reading my daily musings. These posts started as a means of SEO improvement, but has now become an activity in and of itself.

2019, indeed in the next 14 days, I will be celebrating my 30th anniversary of my initial qualification in hypnotherapy. I feel very fortunate that I do a job which I love. My work has been the one true constant in my life. I admit that I never see this changing. I say this, in the full knowledge that I often work with clients who struggle with a healthy work life balance. I, for one, believe that I have finally reached a very healthy work life balance. I am not complacent, however, this is something that I will keep a close eye on over the year.

Hypnotherapy can help people struggling with this. Hypnotherapy can give people a quiet space and place to assess their lives. To improve on the shortcomings and recognise and celebrate the strengths. 2019, will be a year of challenges, I wish you all to overcome your personal and professional challenges in a healthy maintainable way.

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