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Happy 2017

Happy 2017

Well the New Years Eve celebrations are over and the hangovers for many have begun, 2017 is here and for many not a moment too soon. Society has undergone radical changes in 2016, political change swept the United Kingdom and the United States. There were all too many celebrity deaths in 2016, some of these coming way too soon. For many people, their personal changes and traumas matched that which was going on around them in the wider world.

Many people I know both professionally and personally have undergone major emotional and psychological shifts and traumas over 2016. Divorce, death and change have been very common topics in my rooms over 2016. Some people have overcome these things, and others have yet to do so.

For 2017, it is my most honest wish, that those who need help get the help they need. It should not matter if they can afford to or not, but it is my belief that therapy and therapeutic change should not be dependent on one’s ability to pay for it. If you need help, you should be able to get it, that it one of the hallmarks of a decent civilised society. I wish you sall, client, friend and stranger alike a wonderful New Year and may all you hope for become reality.

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