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Gymnophobia Fear of nudity

Gymnophobia Fear of nudity

All of us come into this world with one thing in common, we come into the world nude. Nudity is our first state of being and when we are very young, we might often prefer being in this state to wearing any clothes at all. However, there are people who have great and intense fear if they are naked. They may feel exposed even when they are on their own. People who suffer with this fear as said to have gymnophobia. This fear can cause fear when having to take a shower or go to the toilet or even simply change their clothes.

This fear can impact the sufferer engaging in activities that they might benefit from, for example playing on a football team or playing tennis, in fact anywhere a locker room and changing would be involved can cause significant anxiety to these sufferers. Also seeing other people in a state of undress, as in films or TV programmes can cause the sufferer to negatively compare themselves to the images which in turn helps to reinforce the fear.

The symptoms of this phobia are much the same as any other phobic response, however this particular fear can lead to other more serious psychological conditions like body dysmorphia

This condition can be aided by exposure and behavioual psychotherapy using hypnosis as a safe means for the exposure part of the work.

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