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Gratitude for My Supervisees

Gratitude for My Supervisees

In yesterday’s piece I wrote about the importance of gratitude when it comes to the people and things that we get joy from. Today, I wanted to focus on something that I haven’t really touched on before and that is my gratitude for my supervisees.

I have been privileged to have supervised many talented practitioners since 2001. Some have truly gone beyond what work we did and went on to forge their own great careers. There are others whom I work with now, who I envision will achieve great things in the profession and have the potential to move things along in a very positive way for not only themselves but for the profession as a whole.

Supervision is a very important part of all clinician’s careers, which I have said and written about many, many times in the past. But, I have not really said how professionally enriching it is for the supervisor him or herself. When you supervise, like when you teach, you must stay current in your knowledge and work. Supervisees will challenge us to look for deeper answers for their benefit with indirectly benefits us as well.

So for all of those I have supervised in the past and all I supervise now, please know that I am grateful to you as you have all had an impact on my clinical work then and my clinical work now.

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