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The Good Friday Metaphor

The Good Friday Metaphor

I think it is important at the start of this post to say that the purpose of this post is not to rubbish anyone’s beliefs, but rather to look at the therapeutic metaphor in the story of Good Friday. Christians know that today is the day proported to be the day that Jesus was crucified in fulfilment of prophecy. To many Christians this is the most important season of the year.

The idea of death being a gateway to change is not an unusual concept. Indeed the idea of Good Friday is that Jesus had to die before being able to forgive the world’s sins. So in other words death is a necessary step in change. Therapeutically we see this all the time, for a person to transform to the person they want to be, it is often necessary for the old behaviour or belief to “die” in order for a new one to rise and take it’s place.

This is potent because the death of the old belief or behaviour can be scary, however it is a necessary step for permanent self change. So perhaps on this Good Friday, perhaps meditate on what you want to change and if you are prepared to let the old stuff go in order to make the change needed.

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