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Glamourising Being Hungover

Glamourising Being Hungover

I know that there are many things that are glamourised in popular culture. Certainly, in the 1960’s and 1970’s the use of drugs was heavily glamourised in popular culture.

However, when these things were glamourised it was always done from the perspective of why these things are so great and how they enhance creativity, etc.

Yesterday, I was listening to the radio and I heard a song, which extolled the virtues of being hungover and being able to drink until one throws up. As I listened to this song, I became more and more uncomfortable.

Whilst it is quite possible the artist performing this song may have been attempting to be ironic, but I thought would kids pick up on any potential irony. I came to the conclusion that this was unlikely.

Have we really reached a point in the popular culture to extol the virtues of the worst elements of alcohol use? Why on earth would we do this? I work with people who suffer with issues relating to the extensive use and abuse of alcohol. Many say they were seduced by what was perceived to be the glamour elements of drinking. What legacy will be left if we say that drinking until you throw up is a cool and acceptable thing? It beggars belief.

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