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Get Passion In Your Life

Get Passsion In You Life

We are so buy with our lives, so many things to do, so many things we must do, but do we make the necessary time every day to indulge in our passions. For many of my clients, the answer to this is a resounding “NO!”

As life becomes more and more busy, many people see passion as an indulgence and a luxury rather than a psychological imperative. There is little point in doing the things we deem necessary if there is no enjoyment or joy in our lives. Passion is the key to joy and enjoyment.

One of the common elements of the therapy I practice is the use of therapeutic homework. After all, therapy is only rehearsed in the consulting room, it is lived out in the world, so homework is essential for the client to see real therapeutic change. I will often ask clients to do something every day that excites them makes them feel alive, in other words to alight their passions.

We must always remember that ultimately passion is what gives our life’s meaning. Without passion life becomes duty without reward, which is really no life at all. So today dear reader, go out and be passionate, as if your life depends on it, and it does.

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