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Get Motivation for Christmas

Get Motivation for Christmas

My title today may be a bit misleading, I am not suggesting that you get motivated for the event itself, a person either is or isn’t when it comes to the festivities. I mean get motivation as a gift for Christmas. Whilst watching television the other day, I saw adverts for two dvd’s, one about Mo Farrah and one about Usain Bolt. Whether you are a sports fan or not, one cannot deny that these are two very worthy role models and their take on motivation is one that should be heard.

There are far too many people who suffer with a lack of motivation and drive, and this lack causes more difficulties in life than simply not achieving one’s goals. But is also is a depressed mental state which in my experice can leave a person open to depression and other issues which are not in the person’s interests.

Motivation is a passion of mine. Many years ago my friend and colleague Fiona Biddle and I wrote a book called Motivational Hypnotism. The reason we wrote the book was because we are both passionately interested in how and why people succeed in therapy and why others don’t. The answer came of no realms surprise, those who tend to be intrinsically motivated tend to be the ones who do the best in therapy as a rule. Enhance this and you enhance success, be that therapy or life.

This year instead of the usual gift this year, why not do something about your motivation which will help you long into the New Year and beyond.

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