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Gaga vs Morgan

Gaga vs Morgan

I have been debating whether or not to write this post today or indeed at all, I have decided to do so because there are issues far greater out there than the celebrity feud between Lady Gaga and Piers Morgan. As readers may know, Lady Gaga has come out as a sufferer of PTSD and Morgan in his usual off hand and many would argue ill informed manner dismissed it as a publicity stunt.

PTSD is for many a debilitating issue, suffered by many civilians and soldiers alike. Morgan, who has no qualifications in mental health pontificates that as he is from a large military family he has some sort of insight into this condition. Now whether or not he believes Gaga is not nearly as important as the message he is sending out to others who have suffered or who are still suffering from this condition.

Morgan in his actions and words may well put off many people who suffer because of the common belief in mental health sufferers which is that they will not be believed at best or ridiculed at worst. As I have said in many articles previously, I admire when celebrities bring to the public notice issues that that can help sufferers of mental health issues. Lady Gaga is no exception. Mr Morgan, please for the sake of other sufferers keep your opinions to yourself. You may feel that you have something to add to the dialogue on PTSD, but in essence, the arguement could be made that it is you who is using Lady Gaga’s PTSD to promote yourself rather than the other way around.

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