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Friendship and Mental Health

Friendship and Mental Health

I have over the past week been musing about the idea of the importance of friendship on mental health. When we are young there is a desire to have a great many friends, indeed it is considered to be a status symbol for many the number of friends one has. As we get older, our friends tend to thin out as we have different priorities and different experiences to draw from.

Friendship is something that should not be underestimated when it comes to our mental health. Sometimes what people need is not a psychotherapist what they need is a friend to listen to them without saying a word. I have to say in my own life, I have friends who are closer to me than any family, and other friends who are great for a laugh. Friendship is something that needs to be cultivated and time made for.

In a time where everyone talks about how busy they are and have little time for themselves, it is more important to maintain the ties of friendship which binds and in some cases, defines who we are. If you are feeling a little down this weekend, instead of watching television or doing nothing but feeling sad, why not give an old friend a call I am sure you and that person will find it a worthwhile use of your time.

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