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Focus On The Now

Focus On The Now

Often in my office, I see people who are hampered considerably by their past experiences. This is understandable as it would be foolish to say that we are not directly and indirectly influenced by our past situations and experiences. However, many people choose to stay fighting the battles and struggles of the past at the sacrifice of the here and now.

Having an understanding of what has happened in your life is essential, it provides a map of experience that we can utilise to guide us in our present life. Unfortunately, the past is not really changeable, indeed the best one can hope for is gaining an insight of the past and using it today.

You will have noticed I have mentioned now and today quite a bit. The reason for this is that this is where and when we have control to change our lives. If we live in the here and now we are in a position to positively influence our lives now and in the future.

It is essential that we do not become slaves to our past, that ultimately the past is call that for a reason, it is past and the future has not happened yet, but today is the present, which actually is a present which we should all take an opportunity to enjoy to the full.

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