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Finding My Partner a Hypnotherapist

Finding My Partner a Hypnotherapist

This is a common question I get asked for phone and email enquirers. However, the answer is not as easy as it sounds. Yes, of course, I can explain all the relevant points regarding experience and accreditation. Trying to get this information for someone else is not the best way to develop a therapeutic relationship.

Obviously there are times when a partner might take this on. It could be because their partner is working and cannot make the necessary enquiries themselves. But, it can also be because the enquirer is pushing their partner to enter therapy. Now, this is often done with the best motives, but it really is not the best way forward.

For the therapeutic relationship to be effective, it must be one that is entered into voluntarily and freely by the person seeking therapy. Not as a way of placating a partner’s desire for you to get help. In order for therapy to be effective, the person receiving it really needs to want to be there and to recognise their own issues rather than having them point d out to them by someone else. If you want to help your partner, help them to get the information they need and want and support their decision. Don’t try to make the decision for them.

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