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Final thoughts on Cuba

Final thoughts on Cuba

As I begin to pack to make the flight back to the UK today, I feel rather reflective about my Cuban experience both as a person and as a therapist. As a person, I have learned that many of my problems are indeed first world problems. The people here are incredibly poor and earn on average $40 per month. A pittance in truth, but despite this these people are some of the most friendly I have ever come across in my travels. They are good natured and are prepared to be patient, whether that getting ice cream or waiting on an antiquated internet service, these people are a real model for others.

This leads into how this trip has informed me as a practitioner, it has given me insight as to the true importance of attitude in mental health. If one maintains a positive attitude, even about the more difficult or unpleasant things, it is truly possible to change in all manner of positive and healthy ways. Cuba is a nation which takes both physical and mental health seriously and this example is something that Health commissioners could really benefit from, for as a doctor here told me, they do not differentiate between mental and physical health it is all the same thing health. All I can say to that is amen.

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