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Fight, Flight or Freeze in Stress Management Pt2

Fight, Flight or Freeze in Stress Management Pt2

When the fight or flight reaction hits, then a substantial amount of energy is released into the body to prepare the body for fight or flight, the liver releases extra sugar in the form of pure glucose.  In addition hormones are released through some of the glands to stimulate the muscles.  Heart rate, blood pressure and breathing increases in readiness for the action that may take place.  Some bodily functions are curtailed to make extra energy.  Some of these include the digestion and bowel functions, in some cases this is where people suddenly need the toilet or are physically sick (i.e. stage fright).  Also saliva and mucus dry up to enable enlarging of the air passages, which result in the dry mouth feeling.

The body when it initiates the fight or flight releases the body’s natural pain killers, endorphins ( the happy hormone) into the blood stream, this also constricts the blood vessels to reduce bleeding, and the body’s natural clotting agent is released to improve protection. There is also the rush of adrenaline which is the reason the heart beats faster, glucose is released into the system and most of the other fight or flight reactions occur.

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