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Felinophobia Your fear of Cat

Felinophobia €“Your fear of Cat

From the dawn of time the cat has held a god with miraculous properties. Even in nature, cats are predator creatures who though lovely to look at are indeed very dangerous and even deadly. People who fear all cats, not just the big cats in nature are said to have felinophobia. This fear can be manifested physically, emotionally or both. This fear is particularly problematic as animals can intuitively sense fear so the fear can put the sufferer in some form of physical jeopardy.

Sufferers will employ avoidance of situations where the possibility of cats exist. The sight of a cat could lead to emotional and physical paralysis, a situation that sufferers will want to avoid at all costs.

Felinophobia is a genuine anxiety that should be taken seriously by those who know sufferers and those who treat sufferers. Cognitive based hypno-psychotherapy can prove to be a very effective way to help clients learn new ways of responding to cats. Another possible treatment would be regression to cause, a more psychodynamic approach to hypnosis but can be very effective in finding the root cause of this debilitating issue. What ever approach one chooses, the important thing to remember is that this is a treatable issue.

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