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Feeling Grateful

Feeling Grateful

In the work I am privileged to do, I seldom allow myself a moment to consider the work in terms of my part in it. What I mean is that I genuinely believe that my clients do the heavy lifting when it comes to therapy and that they are the ones who make the changes needed. As their therapist, I provide some useful techniques and insights, but mainly I provide a safe place for them to explore what they need to be looking at and thereby change their lives.

Lately, I have had a few clients finish their therapy with me and they have been more than generous with their praise. I have trained myself to not really pay too much heed to praise, as that is not what I came into the profession for. I have realised, that this is not necessarily a good thing. A therapist should be able to acknowledge his or her part in the transformative process. This acknowledgement need not be a vanity exercise, but rather a genuine self recognition for the part played by the therapist. So I am feeling grateful today for all those clients I have seen who have made transformations with me. They are the reason I remain so enamoured with the work I have done for almost 30 years.

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