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Fear of Cats: Ailurophobia

Fear of Cats: Ailurophobia

Like all fears and phobias, Ailurophobia could be a protecting mechanism created by the unconscious. very often, the neurotic individual can’t even tell you specifically what they worry concerning cats, or wherever their worry may need originated. typically all they recognize is that they’ve been fearful of cats for as long as they’ll bear in mind.

They might have had a daunting expertise with a cat as a baby or young kid, however have forgotten it. Toddlers typically aren’€™t tutored a way to properly develop cats and will conjointly prod, poke or pet them roughly. this might lead to youngsters obtaining damaged, bitten, and showing emotion traumatized. zoophobia may even be caused by seeing somebody else have a negative expertise with a cat. Further, folks will typically transfer their own worry of cats on to their youngsters.

The Ailurophobic individual is instructed to use relaxation and visual image techniques once experiencing anxiety concerning cats. Gradual exposure to cats is introduced in a very systematic, structured means whereas the person concentrates on remaining calm. This would possibly embrace observing photos of cats, observation videos concerning cats, seeing a cat through a window, and eventually, being within the same area with a cat or kitten.

Hypnotherapy is another type of treatment for Ailurophobia. psychotherapy helps to reprogram the subconscious thoughts that will be connected to the anxiety disorder. once the subconscious is reprogrammed, the anxiety disorder symptoms square measure typically decreased .

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