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How Fear Can Unify

How Fear Can Unify

Well over the past few days there has been much discussion about the terrorist atrocity in London on Wednesday. The UK does what it has always done when confronted with fear, we come together. Politicians put aside differences and people walk taller and we return to the narrative we will not yield to fear.

I think this is a great lesson when we deal with fear on a personal level. It is important to remember that fear can only take hold if we allow it too. Anxiety and fear are the two most common issues I work with. One of the things that give clients hope for them to get well is that others have experienced much the same issues and have gotten through.

It speaks to the old adage “a problem shared is a problem halved”. When we share our experiences we drag fear out of the darkness into the light. When fear is shown in the light of day, it loses it’s power. Now of course, there will be people who seek to stoke the fire of fear, as by doing so these people prefer a state of fear as opposed to a state of community and empowerment. Whether it is internationally, nationally or individually, fear can unify us all and remind us of our innate strength to deal with difficult situations.

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