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Failure of Student Mental Health

Failure of Student Mental Health

As I and others have been writing and saying for a number of years, we as a society are failing the younger generation with regards to mental health provision. Universities and the NHS are now being identified as being part of the problem as these to bodies fail to co-ordinate. This failure to co-ordinate means that people are not being assisted when they require it. Universities UK are suggesting many changes to the provision of mental health provision for students. One of these suggestions is to better co-ordinate between the NHS and the Universities in order stop students falling through the cracks.

I would suggest that it would also be in the interests of both the Universities and the NHS for there to be a greater co-operation between the Universities and the private sector therapists. There is a great deal of demand on the NHS which leads to a delay in treatment being sought and offered. The private sector can make a difference in this provision. Many therapists I know will provide their services at a concessionary rate to students in order to give them access which they deserve. So let’s consider joined up thinking between the Universities, the NHS and appropriately qualified private practitioners in order to give the university generation a chance at good mental health provision.

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