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Facebragging and Divorce

Facebragging and Divorce

I have in several blogs talked about the downside of social media. Obviously, things like Facebook and Twitter have become a staple of modern life. As with most things in life, I tell my clients that moderation is what is required when it comes to enjoying social media.

Though I am not a family therapist, clients will often discuss issues relating to their relationships and the difficulties which can sometime exist. I read a paper some years ago that showed that Facebook was the second most cited reason for divorce in the United States. This was due to old flames reconnecting via the social media site.

However, family lawyers have coined a new term called “Facebragging”, this is a term used to express dissatisfaction with one’s life when one sees the lifestyle of friends on Facebook. These niggles begin to wear on the relationship in a number of ways. For some it is about seeing how the other half lives and it causes a person to question their partner as to why they do not get to live that life. Also, it has been known for husbands to threaten to leave wives if they do not keep as fit and toned as friends they have on Facebook.

Honest discussion is at the heart of all solid relationships, these discussions are better face to face than on Facebook.

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