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Exploitation of the Lonely

Exploitation of the Lonely

One of the things I see in greater numbers in my practice is clients who are struggling with being single and on their own. Despite our advances in technology and communication many people feel more alone and disconnected than before. I was reading about an Advertising Standards Authority ruling against eHarmony and an advert that they were using. This advert implied that their approach to matching people was “scientific”.

Linguistically, the word “scientific” implies legitimacy, indeed almost infallible truth. Imagine that you are a single person who is alone and does not want to be. You read the words our approach is scientific and all of a sudden you are parting with your money in the hopes of being able to finally find true love.

I see people everyday who find it difficult to interact when it comes to intimacy. Sex and intimacy become linked as one and the same. Pressure to be a certain type of person becomes overwhelming and failure more often than not is the result. I often work with clients on being able to be self reliant, in other words, yes it is nice to be in a relationship. However, a person can be content and able to function as an individual. If we spend more time on being able to be self reliant, relationships and finding the same would become far easier and more natural.

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