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Expert Hypnotherapists NOT

Expert Hypnotherapists NOT

As regular readers will know, I have a bit of an issue with the use of the word expert when it is not deserved. In one are I notice this a lot is in people writing blogs and articles. Generally speaking when a person writes about subjects relating to their profession, we would normally consider them expert by virtue of their writing. However, in the here and now with self publishing and blogging pretty much anyone can put up a post claiming expertise whether it is deserved or not.

I was reading one such expert article today where the author claims to be trained to the highest level etc, etc, etc. In this article about hypnotherapy, there were several factual errors and misunderstandings about the proceee itself. Even matters of history of the profession were at best limited at worst just wrong.

I am concerned that people will read these ill informed articles by self appointed experts and get the wrong idea about what we do. Worse still that these clients get sold on a idea of what we do which is completely at odds with the reality of our work. Please be mindful, as I have said before, as to how much you believe in a practitioners expert status, remember it is a self proclaimed title in the main and may have little basis in reality.

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