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Existential Givens

Existential Givens

There are four existential givens, and struggling with any or all produces what is known as existential angst:

Death is inevitable

Everyone is ultimately alone

We are free to make of our lives as we will

There is no obvious meaning or sense to life

Human Rights

There are some fundamental human rights, but you’€™ll be amazed how many people don’t

recognise them, for themselves and/or for others. In fact often they will see others as

having these rights and forget they have them too.

All people have the right:

To be

To be separate

To be autonomous

To grow

To change

To need AND to be independent

To have needs met

To assert themselves

To love and be loved

To be free and lovingly committed

To be treated with respect

To be respected as an equal human being

To say yes or no for ourselves

To express our feelings and opinions

To make mistakes

To change our minds

To say €œI don’€™t know

To decline responsibility for the actions of others

These givens are very useful for both client and therapist alike. Understanding these, will give greater insight into the issues presented with a greater degree of clarity, comes a greater chance at a successful intervention.

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