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Exercise and Stress

Exercise and Stress

Following from by blog yesterday on the importance of sleep, our bodies are designed to be physically active on a regular basis. No need to be a super athlete, but daily activity is all that is needed. Exercise needs to be regular and sustained. Automation and labor saving devices have tended to replace the physical effort required in the past, even more so with computers. At the turn of the century most jobs meant the workers being physically active, and not rely on machines. Regular exercise increases the metabolism of the body. This means the body becomes more efficient as using up calories, it becomes better equipped and you will not get tired so easily. You will sleep better and this alone is good for stress.

Exercise makes people feel good about them, and a positive outlook is a good mediator of stress. Things are easier to cope with. After half an hour of exercising, the body releases¬†endorphins; these are hormones that block out pain and make you feel exhilarated. Exercise is a good treatment for stress as well as anxiety and depression. People who exercise have a better understanding of their capabilities and know what they can achieve. Knowing what they can achieve enable them to avoid stressful situations, or gives them the ability to deal with them. Walking is a good exercise, but it does not matter what you do as long as it is regular and sustained. Even a brisk walk to the station is enough to release endorphins, which are known as the body’s happy hormone. And also if you decide to walk an extra half mile a day, without altering your diet you can lose up to 14lbs in weight in a year.

The benefits of exercising are:

It tones up the muscles and the shape of the body giving
confidence in a weight conscious society.
It increases lean muscle and reduces fat.
It makes you feel better, the happy hormone is released.
It is a natural stress reliever.
It aids restful sleep.
It helps to strengthens bones and prevents osteoporosis.
It helps to reduce high blood pressure and helps to keep it
Strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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