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Exam Nerves

Exam Nerves

We are fast approaching the time of year where students begin to cram for their exams. Exams can be the bane of many a person’s life. I think for most of us, we do not really like the idea of being judged. Exams are the culmination of judging what a person has learned.

Now of course, we need to be able to assess what a person has learned. Exams, however, are sometimes not the best way to do so. This is especially true in terms of performance anxiety. Many people do poorly on exams, not because they do not know the subject, but rather because they are so concerned about their performance that they choke on the exam.

Hypnotherapy is very effective in working with a variety of performance issues. Exams are one such place where hypnosis can be helpful in keeping control over unnecessary exam anxiety. By using hypnotherapy to control your emotional state when placed under pressure. Hypnotherapy has also been shown to assist in memory retention which of course is very useful for taking exams.

Can hypnotherapy make you smarter? If I use hypnotherapy can I avoid revision? Is hypnotherapy magic? To all three of these questions the answer is of course, no. If you work hard, hypnotherapy can enhance what you are doing not replace the hard work.

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