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Ethical Business Practice

Ethical Business Practice

This weekend I am teaching one of my favourite modules for the National College, and that is the practice building module. Now of course most people become therapists in order to help people, but that does not mean that they do not need to be appropriately compensated for their work and this module helps to establish the foundations for these trainees practices.

As regular readers will know, I have written many posts on what I consider to be unethical or questionable business practices of some of the people in our profession. It is my believe that if new therapists are taught about building an ethical as well as successful practice many of these questionable practises would be eradicated. Indeed, I thought this was so important I co-wrote a book on the subject more than a decade ago.

It is my view that new practitioners take their lead from their trainers. Which means that trainers must be beyond reproach when it comes to ethical business practices. I call upon those of us who have the responsibility and privilege of training the next generation of therapist to be true models of excellence. If we do this, there is a better than likely chance that the profession will thrive and will become the truly ethical pursuit it deserves to be.

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