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Envy and Mental Health

Envy and Mental Health

For most of us, we were raised with the notion that envy was not a good thing. Either by our parents or the church envy was considered to be a negative trait. One of the things that social media can lead to is a new fascination with envy. People use the phrase “Facebragging” which is how people tend to only put on their social media platforms the good or extraordinary things that happen to them thereby giving a false image of how they actually live their lives. People see this and become envious.

This envy can lead to all manner of difficulties including issues directly related to a person’s mental health and well being. If you can imagine that people see friends and colleagues apparently doing better than they are. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy as well as putting potential strains on their personal relationships.

We seem far too obsessed with what other people have and this leads to an unfavourable way of looking at other people and ourselves. We could all do with being a little more mindful and being in the present and being happy for what we have now. By doing this we set ourselves up to move forward in the long run.

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