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Enochlophobia- Fear of crowds

Enochlophobia- Fear of crowds

There is a plethora of phobias which make up the term social phobia, which generally is a phobia that is associated with a social setting of some description or other. Enochlophobia is one such phobia. Enochlophobis is a pathological fear of crowds. There are many ways for a sufferer to rationalize this anxiety. Examples of which are things like being trampled in the crowd, getting ill from being around large crowds, perhaps even getting lost in the crowd can all be reasons a person feels that they have this debilitating issue. Introverts as opposed to extroverts tend to suffer from this condition, however this is not an absolute. Possible causes can include things like being at large rock concerts or protest rallies or even the local football club and while there experiencing anxiety and fear.

Sufferers can also have had a more traumatic experience which might have set this fear into motion. Perhaps, a sufferer might have felt that they were suffocating or trapped and unable to move when in a large group or crowded location. Embarrassment can also be a causative factor in this anxiety. Perhaps a person was caught short whilst in a large crowd and was unable to get to a loo in time. Low self esteem can also be a factor in this anxiety.

Symptoms of this condition are similar to that of other phobias, including more serious ones like blackouts and depression.

Hypnotically orientated psychotherapy can assist the client to learn control to assist the client to overcome this issue once and for all.

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