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Emotional Eating and Hypnotherapy

Emotional Eating and Hypnotherapy

Many people think that people who are overweight simply lack the discipline to stop over indulging and need to pull themselves together. For some people, there is some element of truth to this. However, for the vast number of people who struggle with weight, the reason that they over indulge has nothing to do with a lack of discipline. For the majority, this is a matter of emotional distress rather than being hungry.

When people suffer emotionally, they can indulge in a number of ways of self medication. The big three are drugs, alcohol and food. Food being perhaps the easiest one to abuse is food. Food is plentiful, legal, easily available and of course necessary for life. People will often not notice when a person is abusing food. Certainly not notice to the point of being concerned in any way.

Food can be used to fill an emotional hole, which of course can never be filled by food. It needs to be filled with whatever emotion is required and with emotions there is always risk. People will often choose the option which is no risk which is food in their eyes. Food is fuel and really nothing else. It is not an emotional crutch and food only becomes a problem when this line is blurred.

Hypnotherapy can assist a person to grasp the emotional nettle and make the necessary changes which can have a very positive effect on both the person’s relationship with food as well as their emotions.

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